Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Guidance constitutional order in Ukraine

Armed Forces
Russian Federation
VV Putin
Hon Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir]Vladimirrovich[/t:tag].
What is now called the Ukraine has a native Russian land. Russian people live there.
Russian ethnic origin.
Orthodox Christians.
Ukraine is on the verge of large-scale civil bloody war.
Kiev, as well as the government itself and President Yanukovych Viktor Yanukovych is not able to restore order.
At the moment, only Moscow, only Russia, but Putin can stop the mess, anarchy, mass chaos, devastation and conflict escalation.
Much obliged to you, I and thousands and millions of people from around the world will be grateful to the President of the Russian Federation, which would give the order and puts troops to Ukraine at peace, order and social harmony.
And also to prepare the population for the upcoming referendum in which they can express their will freely on accession to Russia.
And yet, it is very important.
You do not enter the army, the troops will enter other countries.
Luck favors the bold.

With respect and deepest expression of loyalty to you.
Taychibekov Ermek

1 December 2013

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