Rosaviation named named the new facts unreliable data in the report of the Netherlands on the MN17

Rosaviation states, in particular, of non-compliance contained in the Dutch report performance characteristics of the fragments submunitions warhead 9N314M.

MOSCOW, January 14 - RIA Novosti. Rosaviation named six new facts unreliability of the Dutch findings that MN17 was hit by a missile 9N314M SAM “Buk”. These data are contained in the official letter head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Deputy Chairman of the Board Oleg Storchevoy Safety Netherlands Tibbe Yustra Russian experts after studying the final report of the Dutch side about the circumstances of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing-777.

Bort MN17 “Malaysian Airlines” crashed July 17, 2014, killing all on board 298 people.

“New important facts pointing to the inaccuracy of the information contained in the final report, if it is assumed that the plane was shot down by a missile SAM type” Buk “are: the discrepancy mentioned in the report the characteristics of the fragments characteristics of submunitions warhead 9N314M; inconsistency mentioned in the report characteristics of holes on fragments of the aircraft features holes that are formed in the explosion of the warhead 9N314M “- said in the letter.

In addition, the apparent discrepancy in appearance, at least one detected at the site of the accident fragment rocket (housing the 3rd compartment) appearance of fragments of the body, which are formed by the explosion of a missile 9M38 series. Reported discrepancy algorithm of the remote radio fuse missiles 9M38 SAM “Buk” conditions destruction of the aircraft, as well as the discrepancy between the spatial position of the missile in the defeat of the aircraft mentioned in the report, covering field fragmentation characteristics of its fragments.

The latter fact is unreliable in a letter called a mismatch of output area starting struck the aircraft surface-to-air missile technical characteristics and operation of rockets 9M38.

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Also in the Federal Air Transport Agency said that Ukraine deliberately conceal or misrepresent the threat to civil aviation flights.

Versions of the collapse of the MH17 in the Donbas

The Security Council of the Netherlands on October 13 presented the results of the investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777s, flying from the Netherlands flight MH17. The same day, his version of the incident sounded experts Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey”.

14 January 2016

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