Ukraine: “dignity revolution ‘or the dictatorship of criminals?

Olga Silk

The sensational murder of policemen by militants on the night of 3 to 4 May, it was this quintessential erupted after the February revolution criminal lawlessness. There weaved everything: the audacity of criminals, and their willingness to kill for a meager amount and use of military arsenal, which is a prosperous country and not every terrorist mafia available. Artists - of punitive battalion of neo-Nazis, the exact name that can not be set until now. Whether UPA, or “Tornado”, or “Aydar”, or “white ground”. However, does this mean only the investigators are obliged to provide accurate information to the court. For the people who live in constant fear for their lives and well-being, it is only important that it became impossible to distinguish criminals from law enforcement officers, that they, like Siamese twins, were woven into a whole that the hijackers themselves have a license spetsbatalona Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry.

* * *

There is nothing to be surprised. Rampant crime began literally in the first days euromaidan when (long before the whole world thundered beating unarmed conscripts of internal troops of 1 December 2013 on Bankova) pravoseki without undue publicity attacked buses “Berkut” Special Forces soldiers popped firecrackers in kneepads, gassed and neck pierced with an awl. Even then began attacks on peaceful people of Kiev, seizures of property in the center of Kiev fighters Maidan, and the Maidan, according to the police guarding the government district, has become a haven of criminals and repeat offenders from across the country.

Then began the “tradition” of murders of policemen. In opposition to the Nazis brutalized killed dozens and wounded hundreds of fighters “Berkut” mentioned “White Hammer” open traffic police patrol shot.

At that time, many citizens supported the punishment of the “satraps of the dictatorial regime,” the militants Maidan wore warm clothes and food, and intelligent pensioner Kiev, build a chain on Grushevskogo served the Nazis stones for beating police. Despite all the warnings, none of them did not want to think about what this furious mob soon turn their weapons against them, looting their homes and offices, hijacking cars, on the streets beating their children and taking from pensioners in dark doorways pension.

Do not they want to accept the fact that, having come to power on the bayonets of the far-right militants, repeat offenders and homeless people, the junta Kiev will not be able to disarm his loyal pooches (militants “Right Sector”), itself becoming their hostage. However, she is not particularly sought, and immediately legalize Maidan militants by creating the National Guard and the destroyer battalions to combat “unfair” by the police and the suppression of public protests. Another “revolutionary” step was the adoption in April 2014 of an amnesty law, unleashed about 20 thousand. Inmates.

16 May 2015

Cancelled attack aircraft (two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force tried to approach Donetsk)
The Minister of Finance of Ukraine recognized the problems in negotiations with creditors

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