Inadequate assessment of the situation with weapons and nuclear power plant in Ukraine increases the risk for all

Despite the new truce, signed in Minsk, attacks continue in the Donbas. Along the way, the newly activated conversations about possible supply NATO weapons Kiev.

However, the hostilities many people forget about the threat of man-made disasters, which leads to a crisis of governance in Ukraine.

On the military and technological threats to Ukraine and its neighbors, the director of the Center for Public Policy Research Vladimir Yevseyev:

- Vladimir V., how do you assess the state of the nuclear power plant in Ukraine?

- Currently in Ukraine there are four nuclear power plants in their composition 15 units. Themselves sufficiently reliable power units. All of them are “VVERovskimi” is water-cooled reactors. They have a good security system. But the operation and maintenance of reactors is now a big problem.

More precisely - the spectrum of problems. The first one consists in the supply of US nuclear fuel produced by Westinghouse. This fuel is produced by industrial espionage, copied from the Russian fuel. There were very serious problems in the South-Ukrainian NPP. As a result, two reactors were shut down, and fuel emergency replacement for the Russian.

21 February 2015

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Today, Vladimir Putin is sent to Kiev. In the Ukrainian capital, the Russian prime minister will hold talks with President Viktor Yanukovych and his colleague Nikolai Azarov.