At the memorial week in New Petrovac (Ukraine), Roma are forbidden entrance to the cemetery

I do not believe his eyes: “Citizens of many Roma (Gypsies), the entrance to the cemetery memorial day is prohibited.”

Written without any equivocation, on the basis of solutions for which the Village Council voted Novopetrovskoye. But this is Nazism!

At the cemetery attracted a string of people with a memorial baskets. At the gates - brave soldiers, “Golden Eagle” in red berets.

- Yes, Roma are not allowed. Here, read, - nod to the announcement.

- And how to distinguish exactly where the gypsies? - We ask.

- Yes, they can be seen, a specific nationality. For clothing, according to a person - says “berkutovets” is a little embarrassed. And, it is clear that he understands that not everything went smoothly with this decision …

- We have an order, you go to the village council - say the last custody order.

But in the village hall on the doors of the castle - a day off. But a local resident - Alexander - eagerly tells us the reasons which led to such a strange decision.

- Do not think I’m not a Nazi, but still did the right thing! - We recognize Alexander. - Gypsies have no relatives here, their graves in the cemetery there is none. They do not remember the walk, and ruin other people’s graves. They appear here on short visits. Bought houses in the Chernobyl zone, a memorial day come … Steal, shit, with local fight.

- Previously, people gathered from the graves of pasochki and candy, piled here, at the entrance, and the priest blessed it, drove all the military unit, the soldiers - our conversation is connected to another source. - And now, after the Roma nothing remains. People are still sitting in the tombs, even my father funeral service is not finished, and they have all the rake. Fruits, sweets are taken, and eggs, Pasco throw - right under the fence lying mountains …

At the entrance … to the cemetery, just a meter away from the fighters, “Golden Eagle” - an old gypsy woman with children. One in a wheelchair. Hand outstretched, begging. However, no one hands down.

- And you do what you think about the ban? Fair? - I ask a woman.

- They say we take everything with graves - shrugs gypsy and sparkles gold tooth. - But we are waiting. At four o’clock, they said they’ll let … When people leave.

- And in fact, why do you come here?

- So … For the candy to children.

- A lot of you here?

- I do not know! Here, each on its own. I’ve been with the children … - Nods to the child in a wheelchair.

While talking, three black-haired and dark-skinned girls climbeth a low ogradku cemetery behind the “Golden Eagle”. Those just throw your hands - what can you do, the children …

By the way, not only in the “enterprise” could not believe my eyes, having learned of the ban. The police, for example, also refuse to believe. Officially, we were told only that the police (by the way, the guys from the “Golden Eagle” in red berets - also the police) can not prosecute anyone been on a national basis.

- We have no such right, - the chief of police press service of Kyiv oblast Nikolai Zhukovich. - The police did not check passports and citizenship. And the fact that the cemetery employees are “Golden Eagle” - this is normal.

25 April 2012

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