(DORDA) The head of Ukraine’s Emergencies Ministry’s death tied to cold with monuments to Lenin

In recent weeks, since the Ukraine established frosty weather, from cold killed 112 people. On this, as the Gazeta.ua the head of Emergencies of Ukraine Viktor Baloga, speaking to the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.
According to him, most of all deaths due to cooling were reported in areas where there are more monuments to Vladimir Lenin. “Death of people in the investigation of cold weather occur, no matter from what region or that a representative government. I want to say one thing. Where more than monuments to Lenin, there is more deaths,” - said Balog.

According to the Minister, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Health carefully examine the cause of each fatal accident. “It is done in order to objectively determine the scale of losses from the cold,” - said Balog.

The minister also advised those who are afraid of cold weather on a daily basis to make long runs. “There is a recipe. I wish you all every morning run 8-10 kilometers” - quoted the head of Emergency UNIAN “

10 February 2012

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