The joint project “first aid” Renault-LAZ Euro 2012: french experience and Ukrainian power proizvodsvennye

Presentation of the project, which was held June 20, 2011 in Kiev, Igor Churkin (chairman of the board of Lviv Bus Plant) and managers of the Ukrainian branch of “Renault Ukraine,” Ministry of Health reported new ambulances to be procured for Euro 2012.

The experts noted the ministry and the minister of healthcare Oleksandr Onishchenko, “fast” to meet all modern technical requirements are well equipped and will be fine, “helpers” in the work of physicians, not only during the European Championship, but after its completion.

According to statements by the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov, already in winter, every city, taking the Euro-2012 (including - Lviv) will receive 25 ambulances. Funds to purchase them allocate from the state treasury and sponsorship money for the representatives of large and medium-sized businesses.

Background: According to the press service of the LAZ, ambulances were built based on the new Renault Master 2. Refitting of automobiles “Renault” and launch them at production facilities LAZ for cities that adopt the Euro 2012, - only the first stage of the general french-Ukrainian project. In the future, implementation and marketing of not only the markets of CIS countries, but also European.

The site of the Lviv Bus Plant:

11 July 2011

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