The blogger claimed to undermine Stalin monument in Kiev

Ukrainian blogger kikhot1953 declared himself responsible for the New Year to undermine the monument to Joseph Stalin in Zaporizhia. Now this information is checked in the Security Service of Ukraine.
To prove his claim, blogger gives many small details: the characteristics of an explosive device (in his words, used “poppers malobrizantnaya children - two-component mixture based on the oxidizer and fuel), description of clothing, in which he came to arrange a blast, and even the timing of their Action (in seconds).

Kikhot1953 argues that his goal was not to intimidate people, but only in the elimination of “bloody monument to the executioner.” The blogger also warns that if in Kiev will be installed similar to the monument, it is expected the same fate.

To make a confession, according to blogger, it prompted that the blast case detained innocent (he claims) people. The detainees, he expressed his support.

A source in the SBU has confirmed the magazine “Focus”, in connection with the statement kikhot1953 review. Was an individual blogger’s security forces are unknown. On the data page of the user kikhot1953 only indicated his place of residence (Kiev).

3 February 2011

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• Ukrainian Communists intend to establish a monument to Stalin in Zaporozhye »»»
Monument to Joseph Stalin will be installed in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye before May 9.
• Les communistes ukrainiens proposent de créer un monument à Staline à Zaporozhye »»»
Monument à Joseph Stalin sera installé dans la ville ukrainienne de Zaporozhye avant Mai 9.
• In Zaporozhye half an hour before the New Year blew a monument to Stalin »»»
Yesterday, December 31, around 23:30 unknown blew up a monument
• Ex-Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko: the celebration on May 9 this year was humiliating for every Ukrainian »»»
Ex-Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko has criticized large-scale celebration of Victory Day in Kiev this year and install the eve of 9 May in Kiev monument to Joseph Stalin as leader of the country.
• Security Service of Ukraine chastised bloggers for criticizing the authorities and removed from his blog a few entries »»»
Security Service of Ukraine has caused bloggers to interview Oleg Shinkarenko.