Today is the birthday of Vladimir Putin. One of his first congratulated the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov congratulated Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on his birthday.

“Largely due to your efforts, the Ukrainian-Russian cooperation, including in the economic sphere, every day is gaining momentum, it becomes more meaningful and multifaceted,” - reads the message, released on the website of the Ukrainian government.

Azarov noted that particularly appreciates established with Putin “friendly, trusting relationship that allows us to find optimal solutions for all the topical issues of bilateral cooperation.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister expressed hope that further cooperation between the two leaders will develop successfully and fruitfully for the benefit of states and peoples.

Azarov Putin wished happiness and prosperity.

7 October 2010

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The visit of Russian prime minister in Kiev dispensed candy - literally and figuratively.
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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin surprised the debate in Ukraine on the extension of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.
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