Fleet Ukraine gives tips (No Admirals’ Square “debate on the future of Naval Forces of Ukraine, Kiev has decided to do to get rid of this burden)

Volleys in Donbass podzatihli. Perhaps that is why the first days of 2016 politicians and experts in Ukraine suddenly passionately took up a topic that directly related to the so-called “ATO”, like, does not have - the state and prospects of the Naval Forces.

The discussion laid the Ukrainian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Sergei Hayduk. At a meeting with journalists in Odessa, he openly acknowledged the obvious for a long time, not only to him a few years later the remains composed under his fleet by themselves, without a fight, softly “will give tips” directly at the berths. As a “resource vast majority of ships coming to an end” and one year after the other has to write off “on the needle”.

This would not be worth to stop, because about the deplorable state that in Ukraine by mistake still commonly called the fleet, a thousand times written, rewritten. And about the fact that 13 admirals and generals’ posts in the Naval Forces of Ukraine today there are only four warships, including one middle landing (support vessels and boats leave out of the equation). And about the fact that the “youngest” of them - the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” - a quarter of a century old, and its technical condition is such that in the Bosporus leave unsafe for its own crew.

There are, however, in a mixed Ukrainian Navy Marine Aviation Brigade of four vehicles and one anti-aircraft and six helicopters (airport Chernobaevka, Kherson region), 36th Marine Brigade named Konstantin Olshansky (Nikolaev), 137th separate battalion of marines (Odessa). But the combat power of any fleet still determined mainly ship connections. And with them, to put it mildly, not really in Ukraine.

All this, I repeat, old, trite, and would not be worth absolutely no attention, if not for one circumstance. In the ensuing discussions in Kiev on the future of the Ukrainian fleet clearly loomed three options for its further development (or further degradation - time will tell). That is the reality of each and try to evaluate.

The point of view of the supporters of the first embodiment of himself, Vice Admiral Haiduk and expressed in the statement to journalists. He is predicting a quick death slave ships and boats, simply did not have the right to restrict the role of naval Cassandra. Otherwise impermissible lapsed into pessimism 52-year-old commander of the Kiev immediately sent to early retirement. Therefore Haiduk offered his view of the crisis. It is necessary, he said, in Ukraine to urgently form a powerful “lobby sea.” To clarify the politicians in Kiev that “the status of sea power is not an end in itself, but an important factor in economic and defense power of the country.”

But it is, so to speak, a theory. But in practice, said the commander, Ukraine should immediately take up the creation of new warships. “It is clear that the construction and maintenance of the fleet is not cheap thing, but the other way, but to develop the national Navy, we simply do not” - said Hayduk ………

13 January 2016

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Rosaviation named named the new facts unreliable data in the report of the Netherlands on the MN17

• Yanukovich dismissed the head of the Ukrainian Navy, the initiator of the information war against the basing of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea »»»
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych sacked from his post as commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine (Naval Forces of Ukraine).
• Ministry of Defence Commission: Commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine spread nepotism, navy rear ruined, and the officers spend holiday in the occupied Crimea (Ukrainian navy officers are deserting in the Crimea) »»»
The situation around the Naval Forces of Ukraine is becoming more intense, and this time the neighboring aggressive empire at anything.
• The only Ukrainian submarine after 20 years of renovation will be released into the sea to sea trials »»»
Only in the Ukrainian Navy diesel submarine “Zaporizhia” after 20 years of renovation goes on sea trials.
• Poroshenko fired Hayduk from the post of commander of the Navy, given the low credibility among the service composition and weaknesses in »»»
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko explained the dismissal of Sergei
• In honor of the Navy Russia and Ukraine for the first time organized a joint parade in Sevastopol »»»
At least 50,000 people gathered in those moments on the banks of the Sevastopol Bay to see a joint naval parade of Russian Black Sea Fleet and Naval Forces of Ukraine, Radio "Vesti FM.