Russian television station had called Yushchenko “pimply” and Tymoshenko “woman-loaf”

On the Russian “Channel[[t:tag slug=kanal]Channel” New Year’s Eve again rather unceremoniously tried to make fun of Ukrainian politicians, in particular - Viktor Yushchenko called them “pimply” and Yulia Tymoshenko - the “woman-loaf.”

In the air out computer animation, which shows how the Queen of England calls the leaders of various countries and wishes them a Happy New Year.

Ukrainian president calls the Queen finds in the workplace. On a table at Viktor Yanukovich a bottle labeled “vodka” and a plate of bacon in his hand - filled with a shot.

“Hello, Ukraine!” - Welcomes the Queen of Yanukovych.

“Hello, Your Majesty!” - He answers it.

“And where pimply? Where baba loaf? - She asks Yanukovych, obviously, referring to Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko.

“I replace them,” - Reports to the Ukrainian president.

“Oh, you’re not funny, though still will see,” - said the queen, and Yanukovych drink a glass of vodka and curves.

We recall that a few weeks ago the Russian TV show came out “big difference”, where she was shown a parody of Victor Yanukovych. The appearance of this story has caused protests from the Ukrainian opposition, which accused the Russian authorities in contempt of a neighboring state.

2 January 2011

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