The new tax code or the death of small and medium business

Today, Ukrainian entrepreneurs strike. Under the Verkhovna Rada had gathered more than 5000 small and medium-sized businesses who do not agree with the adoption of the first reading of the New Tax Code.

6 November 2010

In Lviv for the debts of the traffic lights turned off
“I am proud to have worked for the KGB. I like this service very much in my life has given.” - Acting Kiev mayor Oleksandr Popov

• Ukrainian businessmen are going to initiate a referendum on the resignation of Yanukovych and Azarov »»»
Entrepreneurs in the case of signature by the President of
• Rally at Independence Square in Kiev continues even at night, despite the injunction. Protesters are gathering signatures for the impeachment of Mr. Yanukovych and Verkhovna Rada dissolution »»»
The police confirmed that there is a solution of the Kiev court to ban holding of shares in the city center.
• In Khmelnytsky (Ukraine) entrepreneurs staged a revolt and break down the door of Regional State Administration »»»
In Khmelnytsky in protest against the decision of the Tax Code, is attended by about 10,000 entrepreneurs.
• 42% of Russians support the proposal to boycott the Ukrainian goods, 45% believe that the Russian business should stop doing business with Ukraine - until there is a civil war »»»
Refuse to buy products produced in Ukraine, are more likely to express willingness to residents of Moscow and St.
• Maidan-2? Protesters blocked the entrepreneurs center of Kiev to protest against the new Tax Code »»»
Column entrepreneurs in the morning rally in Kiev against the Tax Code, went to Independence Square to the street Bankova, where the presidential administration.