Ukraine could lose the export of milk and meat because of the spread of the disease

Ukraine could lose the right to export grain, dairy and meat products because of the spread from the Balkans virus nodular dermatitis, striking cattle. This was reported by the press service of the All-Ukrainian Agricultural Council.

“Ukraine is moving in the direction of the virus dangerous disease of cattle -. Nodular dermatitis Meat and milk infected animals contains a virus, so to countries where there was an outbreak, apply restrictions on exports of cereals, meat and dairy products,” - said in a statement.

Farmers claim that the viral disease can cause mortality of 70-100% of productive cattle and a significant reduction in the performance of those animals that manage to survive. “The disease moves from the Balkan countries with a speed of 70-100 km per day and, given the fact that Ukraine is now an epidemic only separates Romania, within 3-4 weeks the virus reaches the borders of the country” - note in the Ukrainian Agrarian Council.

In this regard, the Ukrainian government document sent with the request without delay to consider the acquisition of the necessary vaccines and vaccination of animals in the border areas. The organization stressed that the therapeutic treatment of the disease does not exist - only the expensive vaccine, or “destruction of all infected animals.”

According to the State Statistics Service, the number of cattle at 1 May of the current year in the country amounted to 4.267 million head, up 3.3 per cent less than at 1 May 2015. In particular, the number of cows has decreased by 3.8 percent to 2.19 million head, pigs - by 3.3 percent to 7.144 million heads and poultry - by 4.7 percent to 192.713 million heads. The number of sheep and goats in Ukraine May 1 totaled 1.704 million head, down 3.5% compared with a year earlier.

9 August 2016

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