EU concerned about the plans of Kiev for the storage of spent nuclear fuel

MOSCOW, July 5 - RIA Novosti. Representatives of the leading organizations of the European nuclear industry have expressed concern about Ukraine’s plans to build at the repository for spent nuclear fuel. At a seminar on policy issues in the nuclear industry, which was held in Brussels, the experts noted that Kiev project is contrary to nuclear safety standards, and creates a risk of accidents, according to the portal European public affairs.

Seminar held Organization for New Nuclear Watch Europe European Atomic Energy (NNWE), the main topic of discussion was the issue of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste (spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste). The participants called for a nationwide standard of treatment of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste - not only for the EU but also for other European countries.
As the newspaper writes, participants believe that the common rules are necessary because of Kiev’s plans to build a central repository for spent nuclear fuel (CSSNF). This facility, being built in the Chernobyl exclusion zone with the participation of the American Holtec International, scheduled to be commissioned by 2018. Its construction Ukrainian “Energoatom” intends to attract loans for $ 250 million, which can highlight the Bank of Amerisa and Merrill Lynch.

Experts note that the tender for selection of Holtec International as the contractor had not been transparent and open, while most American companies do not have the experience and technology of construction of such facilities. According to experts, Ukraine is becoming a platform for a dangerous experiment.

“We are deeply concerned about the secret plans about the construction of SNF storage at a distance of 70 kilometers from Kiev, near the Dnieper River, contrary to the basic standards of nuclear safety and pose a threat to a repeat of the Chernobyl disaster,” - he said at a seminar member of the Association of Greens of Ukraine Anna cancer.

Senior expert on nuclear safety Joint Research Centre of the European Commission Pierre Kokerols noted that the development of pan-European policies SNF is required for the creation of reliable technical solutions, knowledge transfer, security investments and promoting social dialogue.
Adviser on nuclear issues a permanent establishment in France, Guillaume Gillet, in turn, said that the national programs for radioactive waste are unique to each country. According to him, the European states should share information on the implementation of such projects, which will develop a common waste management standard.

5 July 2016

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