Entertaining propaganda. The ideology of the eternal losers

No, I’d never be a psychiatrist, attending the “great ukrov”! And it’s not that their illness is very started, and that the psychiatrist occupation must listen to with a straight face about all the delusions, hallucinations, and phobia patients, and I have, unfortunately, uncontrolled bursts of laughter to tears.

Recently, chronic foci of inflammation caused by brain ukrozom, which is popularly referred to as Minstetsёm, issued a new batch of Amusing delirium. It turns out, need Decommunization allegedly because, they say, communism was “constraining factor in the development process”! So there! “Evil Muscovites” incredibly “mocked” the ancestors of the “great ukrov” communists built a small plant and, in addition, “bad quality”, why Ukraine lagged behind, say, in the development of the West.

In 1991 the Ukrainian post-Soviet economy is among the ten most developed economies in the world. But that “great ukrov” some dozen! Looking first “prize” place! Now, according to the American edition of Business Insider, Ukraine in the first place among the countries with the weakest economies, and according to the IMF, the economy of Ukraine - one of the five worst in the world. Well, nothing, “peremoga”?
Source: gs-news.ru

18 February 2016

While the lords quarrel, the US dragged through parliament a law on the sale of the final remnants of Ukraine. The project “Ukraine” is closed. extras available
In Ukraine banned the “Vysotsky” and “Gentlemen of Fortune”

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