Anatoly Wasserman wrote a denunciation to the SBU

BP MP from the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko,” the former Regions Alexey Goncharenko intends to deprive publicist Anatoly Wasserman Ukrainian citizenship

He said this in his blog on the page “Ukrainian Truth“.

“If confirmed my fears about the presence in the words of Wasserman calls to overthrow the government in our country and slandering the state system, demand from SBU adequate response up to the institution of criminal proceedings and the adoption of urgent measures to search for Wasserman” - wrote Alex Goncharenko.

MP BP also expressed its intention to achieve the withdrawal of a Wasserman honorary award “For Services to the city.” Handling Policy commented edition “Ukraina.Ru” he Anatoly Wasserman.

“The award” For Services to the city of Odessa, “he told me not to give, not take him. Citizenship of Ukraine also did not give me it. Another thing is that such a citizenship of Ukraine, which need Goncharenko, I do not need. Also, like Ukraine, which I need not need Alex Goncharenko. Several times I watched the activity in Odessa Goncharenko policies. As regionals, he acted solely in their selfish interests rather than in the interests of the party and the more the city “, - concluded the journalist.

31 July 2015

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