US cast adrift Ukraine (American politicians are willing to compromise with Russia. What will happen to their proteges in the “independence”?)

The conflict in Ukraine can quickly end if the United States is decided not to support the authorities in Kiev. And there is every reason to believe that in the calculation of Washington was not a long confrontation with Moscow. In an interview, “Ukrainian Truth” indirect said the former United States Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

That without support from overseas any anti-Russian actions in the world have no prospects, clearly illustrated by the activities of terrorist groups in the North Caucasus. In the movie “The President” shown the TV channel “Russia” on Sunday, Vladimir Putin openly said that the United States actively supported the radicals in the south of Russia. As the President said at the beginning of “the two thousandth” our intelligence agencies learned of direct contacts between the North Caucasus bandits and employees of US intelligence in Azerbaijan. “There’s really just helped even with transport,” - said Putin.

Most interestingly, the Americans did not hide that are actively working to destabilize the situation in Russia in this way. The head of Russia asked for clarification about the contacts with the Americans terrorists to the US president. “Ten days later, my subordinates, leaders of the FSB, received from his colleagues in Washington a letter:” We have supported and will continue to maintain relations with all the opposition forces in Russia. And we think that we can do it and will do in the future, “- said Putin.” Someone thought, especially intelligence agencies of Western countries, that if someone acts on the buildup of the main geopolitical rival, and so, as we now understand in their minds always remained Russia, it is generally good for them, “- said the president of our country.

But the active work of Russian security services almost completely defeat the underground. This was facilitated, in part, and decreased activity of Americans support the bandits. Today, all sorts of Caucasian “Emirate”, deprived of Western aid, there are only formally and almost no threat …

The main problem for Russia became an armed civil conflict in Ukraine. It’s no secret that the West helped to make a coup in Kiev and has advised the new government to take military action in the Donbass. And America cried and cried Turchinov Poroshenko with a request to provide military assistance. The decision on the supply of military equipment and training of Ukrainian military instructors from the United States have already implemented.

But the main problem for Washington was apparently drawing Russia into a “hot” confrontation. But this was not achieved. There is only a civil war in the Donbas and completely ruined the economy of Ukraine. And there are still believing the propaganda of the Kiev Ukrainian citizens who hope to “heal as in the European Union” at the expense of American money. But, as you might guess, Washington is clearly not planning to restore the Donbass, save the crumbling Ukrainian statehood and feed more than 40 million Ukrainian citizens ………

27 April 2015

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