Shooters announced support for the collection spring-summer campaign

Former Defense Minister of the unrecognized republic Igor Donetsk Gunmen announced the start of data collection assistance militias Donbass for the spring-summer military campaign. The statement published on the website of his movement “New Russia”.

According to the former militia commander, Minsk agreement can provide only short-term truce. He believes that the scale of the fighting going on at the moment in some areas in the conflict zone, will increase.

The Ukrainian side, as suggested by Gunmen, ready for an offensive against the breakaway republics. “All configuration Ukrainian troops says that as soon as they find themselves strong enough … will be taken offensive aimed at destroying the militia and capture Donetsk and Lugansk,” - he said.

Collect aid, according Strelkova, organized militias to provide new uniforms (planned to collect 10-15 thousand sets) and equipment (such as bullet-proof vests), which they lack.

19 March 2015

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