Power Ukrainians: The UN Security Council, no one believes the representative of Russia

No member of the UN Security Council does not believe the words of the Permanent Representative of Russia in this organization Vitaly Churkin, said the US permanent representative to the United Nations Samantha Power in an interview with Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1″.

“Ukrainians are upset by what they hear from the Russian ambassador, but I can assure you that no one in the Security Council does not believe him,” - said Power.

She complained that “making great efforts to control himself during performances Churkin”, the “Ukrinform”.

“I need to make an effort to discipline yourself to focus on what’s important, professionally documented abuse, acts of aggression, a technique that crosses the border, and talk facts that speak for themselves,” - she said.

In addition, according to Power, in order to positively solve the issue for the establishment of the UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine, it will be necessary to overcome the Russian veto.

“The question of the peacekeeping mission connected with the Russian veto, so any of the Russian peacekeeping mission would require the consent. I’m assuming that the peacekeeping mission, which wants Ukraine Putin is unlikely suit the Ukrainians”, - said the US ambassador to the UN.

15 June 2015

In Moscow and Rostov-on-Don attacked dipuchrezhdeniya Ukraine
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