Dagsavisen, Norway: Preparing for a new Cold War - billions and billions will vbuhivat in new weapons

Dagsavisen, Norway
Sagflot Eric (Erik Sagflaat)

Source: dagsavisen.no

Billions and billions will vbuhivat in new weapons. Again, there is a debate about who started it. Russia, so brutally annexed Crimea? Or is the West so uncritically supported the coup in Ukraine, which was followed by speculation about a possible Ukrainian membership in the EU? The nightmare for anyone in Russia who are engaged in military planning. The possibility that the NATO ships will take control of the strategically important base of the Navy in the Crimea, probably, was a strong motivation for the Russian intervention.

This is not a new Cold War. But attitudes and rhetoric of that time easily recognizable. And still it is not too late to turn back. Although there is little evidence that this will happen at the summit in Warsaw on 8 and 9 July. On the contrary, there will be a decision on a powerful escalation - right up to Russia’s borders. Several major military exercises have been conducted, more are planned. Four NATO soldiers of the battalion will be permanently placed in the vicinity of the border. Heavy machinery will be posted in advance. Yes, soldiers will rotate in order to avoid violating the basic agreement between NATO and Russia, which says that the new NATO members in Eastern Europe, the alliance established permanent bases should not. The Russian response is ready. Three new divisions will be deployed in western Russia.

The big problem is the creation of anti-missile shield in Romania and Poland. The Russian response was harsh. President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would not allow itself to be fooled about allegations that the system is purely defensive in nature, and that it comes to promoting US nuclear power in Eastern Europe. Putin promises “adequate response”. NATO confirms that it is solely for the Protection of missiles in countries such as North Korea and Iran. But as in Moscow do not believe it should calculate the measures that could balance the system. That is, the more nuclear weapons. The fact that the medium-range missiles, such as the “Iskander”, can be placed in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, too, is a hazard.

It is difficult to believe in the veracity of the allegations, that the system is aimed solely at North Korea and Iran. But even if so, why it is necessary to build a missile base and radar as close as possible to the borders of Russia? Moreover, neither North Korea nor Iran does not have missiles of this range. The agreement with Iran entered into in the summer of last year, put an end to Iran’s nuclear program and put the country under even stricter control regime. Russian may also refer to the fact that they offered to cooperate on missile defense as possible, in particular, placing it closer to the State alleged to pose a threat. But the US is categorically rejected.

The missile silos missiles be stationed in Poland and Romania, which can shoot down enemy missiles. But the system makes it possible to replace these purely defensive missiles on offensive weapons, such as cruise missiles type “Tomahawk”. NATO assurances that it is in their plans are not included, and that the system is not aimed against Russia, help the weak, because the Russian never believe in what it is. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russian experts believe that the missile defense constitutes a threat to Russian security. It is a reality to be reckoned with, it’s true or not. Followed response, the only question is - what. Russian believe that missile defense - the so-called violation of the INF Treaty, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987, which prohibits the placing of nuclear missiles of intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe. And if the Russian decide to abandon the treaty, it would lead to a very dangerous and unstable situation. Directly opposite the one to which all aspire.

A new missiles on both sides of the Russian border to increase the danger of war by mistake. The shorter the distance between the front lines, the less time the political leaders of the correct situation. All that could be perceived as an attack, an attack may cause a response, because it becomes a matter of time critical. Remember the buzz around research rocket with Andeyya (Andøya) in 1995, which nearly caused the Russian nuclear attack. When will be available the missile defense system, as well as the new Russian missiles in response to it, the danger of a misunderstanding of the war will suddenly become so much more than it was during most of the Cold War in the 1980s.

We regard NATO as a purely defensive alliance that threatens no one, but everyone wants only good. Russian perceive it differently. From Moscow, NATO seems to spearhead an aggressive US global ambitions. After the bombing of Serbia, the intervention in Kosovo, NATO’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, NATO only as a defensive alliance have little faith in a country that - rightly or wrongly - feel that it is threatened.

The reality is that it is necessary to take into account how the threat is perceived by the other party, because countermeasures are taken, based on exactly this. The current debate in NATO about the impression left security policy that the growth of military budgets and more weapons - the only answer to the challenges in the field of security policy, which really is very important. But the arms race is rapidly turning into a vicious spiral that has no end. Unless the war ends.

Reader Comments:

Firsty Lasty
There is a probability of about 99.999999999999%, which is a disaster that will destroy all that ever happen in the future. We do not believe only in what way this disaster will destroy us. Throughout the study carried out in the world in the field of military technology, one can not avoid engaging in an arms race, so it’s all the talk about the fact that the chances of being destroyed by the war are getting bigger. For example, robotic military units and artificial intelligence will be able to destroy humanity in 40 years if something does not destroy it before. If we talk about the threats created by a man - that of climate change, political upheaval, lack of food, different kinds of infectious organisms, the atomic bomb, robots, etc., etc., a lot of opportunities…..

Birkelyund Lars (Lars Birkelund)
Senior city school Lillestrøm (Lillestrøm)
Constant expansion of NATO, support for anti-Russian and right-wing coup in Ukraine by the US / NATO / EU, the war of the USA / NATO countries against the ally of Syria Russia and so on.. All who have IQ more 50 understand that Russia, which from west attacked countless times, it perceives it as a threat.

Ketil Eines (Ketil Øynes)
Head. production / co-owner Barnehagematen. no
The brutal annexation of the Crimea? Where is it from? The rest of the world knows that it was not made a single shot. But you at least realized that the Crimea was annexed, not attacked, as too often have to read. Russia is likely to prevent a much greater conflict than the one we are witnessing today in the Donbass region, the conflict with the potential for much greater warmongers, involving forces of both NATO and Russia. It was the best decision.

Original publication: Forberedelse til ny kald krig

8 July 2016

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