Details of military aircraft were exported to Ukraine over Crimea

In the garage of one of the residents in the north of the Crimea Armyansk dozens of spare parts for combat aircraft MiG and Su were found.

Employees of the investigative and operational units raided the territory of the five sites in the Russian Federation. Experts also visited one of the residents of the city to the north of the Crimea Armyansk. It was in his garage were found dozens, if not hundreds, of spare parts for combat aircraft MiG and Su. As it became known to Life, these details are supplied across the border to the Ukraine, where the company went to war for the defense industry.

Conspiratorial group of several persons acting in the territory of Russia during the past year. Earlier, as already wrote Life, intelligence services managed to prevent the same channel smuggling of parts for combat aircraft, but this has not stopped a suspicious activity.

The second phase of the special operation was held for 17 of May. In the city of Armyansk in the garage of a local resident found dozens of aircraft parts that had previously been stolen from aircraft factories and workshops of repair. As it became known to Life, Parts went to Ukraine.

According to the experts, all the details were taken out of Russia under the guise of spare parts for cars, followed by the Ukraine going for defense companies.

18 May 2016

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