In Kiev, masked men burst into the apartment APU fighters who participated in the arrest and Yerofeyev Alexandrov

In Kiev apartment 92 fighter brigade APU, the ex-officer of the SBU Kirill Veres, who participated in the detention of Russian commandos and Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev stormed unknown.

About this in the air “112 Ukraine” reported his wife Anna Veres.

Himself a soldier is in the city of Luhansk region Happiness. The masked men who burst into the room, tied her up and made a questioning of Grushnik arrest details, place of service of her husband and his brigade commander.

“Seeing the safe, which is located on the balcony, began to speak, so I gave them the key to the head puts a gun, demanding to give the key to the safe.” - Said Anna Veres.

In fact the attack on a soldier housing has opened a criminal case. This was reported in Kiev Natspolitsii. Article robbery with penetration into housing. Article provides imprisonment from 7 to 12 years.

Duty Department NP PG communication in Kiev Tatyana Malysheva said “112 Ukraine” is now installed malicious person who came into the apartment, threatening object like a gun, took valuables from the safe and fled. Measures are taken to detain them.

14 March 2016

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the Russian embassy and called on Moscow to ensure the protection of diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine on its territory
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