Technical default does not affect ordinary citizens - Yaresko

Finance Minister called on citizens not to be afraid of the worddefault” and its possible ads in July
A possible technical default in Ukraine will not affect the banking system in the country and citizens. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko in an interview with TSN.

“Do not be afraid of the word. It does not affect our banking system. Because our banks are the foreign debt on their balance sheets. That is, the default does not affect the ability to pay. Does not affect the deposits of our citizens. It does not affect the currency, in our hryvnia, “- she said.

Yaresko noted that after a possible default of the program of assistance to Ukraine from international lenders will not end. “The IMF has expressed public support that they understand that funding for our country - it is the number one goal,” - she said.

Last week, the Finance Minister said that the announcement of default by Ukraine in July, “theoretically possible”. By Goldman Sachs analysts suggested that Ukraine can not pay the coupon on Eurobonds on July 24 and prevent a default.

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