Russia has refused to forgive the debts of Ukraine

Russia still does not intend to restructure the debt of Ukraine at $ 3 billion, he told reporters, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.

“No, we will not engage in debt transactions. This thing is called the Extended Fund Facility program” debt operations. “We are in a debt transaction is not involved,” - he said.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it considers itself as the official lender of Ukraine, has no plans to either restructure or roll over its debt of $ 3 billion.

Creditors’ Committee of Ukraine said that he was ready to support the prudent restructuring of foreign debt, but debt relief are not talking, said on Tuesday, Reuters reported. The Finance Ministry of Ukraine said that the creditors concerned at the lack of readiness to participate in negotiations on debt relief, but still hopes to reach agreements on restructuring, as planned earlier, until June.

Reaching agreements with Kiev Ukrainian holders of securities of the restructuring of the public debt is a key condition for a positive decision on the allocation of Ukraine the second tranche of IMF funds.

14 May 2015

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