Mutation: farewell to democracy promotion

Obviously, the Ukrainian state, as a combination of political and economic institutions that operate in the system of neoliberal relations, experiencing its terminal stage in anticipation of a phase transition into some other reality. This phase is followed, except that the convulsions of the national economy, and even the agony of the political system. One manifestation of this agony was a sharp narrowing of the political field and a reduction in the number of subjects of the political process. The most important thing for Ukrainian citizens - is to understand what sort of new reality Ukrainian state is going to make his historic phase transition.


Analysis and forecast of the socio-political situation in Ukraine before and after the election, the alignment of political forces, the struggle for resources between the pitiful remnants of the current government and the opposition. Who will raise the power of the dirt and will rule the country in a transitional time of troubles?

23 May 2012

Cosmic disappointment (The Russian military are going to stop participating in a joint program with Ukraine missile “Dnepr”)
Chief Directorate for Combating Corruption of the Security Service of Ukraine is watch for 32 thousand dollars

• On the Ukrainian nuclear power plant accident »»»
The accident occurred on the South-Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant. According to local authorities, to the visible effects of this has not led.
• Medvedev expressed his "great confusion" over whether, as in Ukraine belong to the opposition »»»
The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev calls the “huge surprise” attitude of the ruling power to the opposition in Ukraine.
• Ukrainian Rada will work until the election of a new parliament »»»
August 25 President dissolved the parliament and called early parliamentary elections for 26 October.
• The U.S. believes that Russia is bad for Ukraine »»»
U.S. does not want Ukraine “was under the influence” of Russia.
• Contra Magazin: In the struggle for Ukraine EU forgot about democracy »»»
"When it comes to Ukraine, the German media reacted sharply," - says Contra Magazin.