Media: Poroshenko have found five more offshore

KIEV, April 8. / TASS /. Group of companies “UPI” the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko actively using offshore companies and against companies even criminal proceedings on suspicion of tax evasion amounting to 25 million hryvnia. This is stated in the investigation of the program “Scheme” radio station “Radio Liberty”.


Journalists refer to the criminal case, which was initiated in 2003 in the days of President Leonid Kuchma, when Poroshenko was in opposition.

According to the pre-trial investigation, the offshore company Agroprodimpex, which appeared in the structure of business Poroshenko in 2001 and remains there to this day, “involved in criminal schemes to minimize taxes a number of companies that are registered and located in the territory of Ukraine.”

Investigators turned to Interpol for help in investigating the case, which featured at least five offshore firms that “UPI” group of companies owned at different times. It was about Agroprodimrex Corp. (Offshore zone Delaware, USA), Cyprus Agroprodimrex Cyprus Limited, Willenhall Traiding Limited, as well as Fairdrook EnterprisesLimited (about. Maine) and Panamanian Ukrprovinvest Holding Limited. However, in 2004 a criminal case was closed, the materials to the court have not been transferred.

Journalists “Scheme” appealed to the Interior Ministry and the Tax Office with a request to provide the decision to close the criminal case, to clarify the reasons, reports “Radio Liberty”.

International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), based in Washington, DC, unveiled on Sunday, April 3, the exposure of 11.5 million documents with the data about the offshore accounts of a number of current and former world leaders. Reports, which was given the name “Panama documents”, based on leakage of information from the Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca, which provides legal assistance in the registration of companies in the offshore. According to an investigation of the consortium, Poroshenko has not yet been handed over assets belonging to him Roshen confectionery corporation in trust, and created for their restructuring offshore company.

However, on April 7 in Rothschild Group said that Poroshenko gave their business in their trust, in full compliance with the rules for the current politicians.

“Trust was established on the basis of international standards for politicians who need to temporarily transfer their business while they are in power,” - said the official response of the financial group, reported UNN. The Rothschild Group noted that Poroshenko did their group confidant after Roshen placed assets in an offshore account.


8 April 2016

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