Rusyns in Transcarpathia Biden approve of the idea for a “United States of Ukraine”

The issue of federalization of Ukraine is particularly concerned about the Transcarpathian Rusyns who had their autonomy within Hungary and Czechoslovakia, but lost it after World War II and the accession of Russia to the Soviet Carpathian Ukraine January 1, 1946. Earlier Ruthenian authors have already written that Ruthenians need “United States of Ukraine.” Anyway, the idea of ​​federalization of Ukraine support the leaders of a number of influential countries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ukraine - the only country in the world that refuses to recognize the ethnolinguistic identity of Rusyns, as the results of the Transcarpathian regional referendum on December 1, 1991, when the majority of Transcarpathians voted for the restoration of their autonomy within Ukraine.

Rusyns not received a positive response to numerous appeals to Ukraine, through the media appealed to the leadership of the United States with a request to recommend to Ukraine to take clear title to the Americans - “the United States of Ukraine.” First, in Europe there is no state with the same name, and secondly, I want to believe that it will appeal the new leadership of the Ukrainian state.

So, it happened! The US administration has heard the request of the Rusyns. On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, US Vice President Joe Biden in a speech in parliament, said that Ukraine must pass “constitutional reform, which includes the reform of the judiciary and decentralization - the best European practice.” “It does not undermine sovereignty. It was all in our country, - the politician - must be strong, independent states (regions), which will determine its educational system, the Government, within a single constitution.”

Hopefully, the current leaders of Ukraine will perform the correct translation of words and Biden donesut to its citizens the idea of ​​genuine autonomy that will benefit all concerned parts of the country, including the Rusyns in Transcarpathia.

18 December 2015

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