Farewell, LAZ! In the shops of automobile will pack up mushrooms and berries

Lviv car plant, which is still in 2012 produced buses for Euro 2012, now completely destroyed. Lviv flagship industry is in ruins and is sold as a premise. The journalists got inside the former FFA and found nothing of value there. In the shops there is no hint of the equipment, walls crumble, windows beaten, did not survive even the floor. The room itself put up for auction.

LAZ, founded in 1945, during the existence of more than 365,000 released buses. In 2001 it was privatized. Then the production capacity reaches 14,600 units per year, and that does not include the production of hydro-mechanical transmissions that come from different companies. However, the private owner is not able to support the prosperity of the plant, as a result of the FFA got into debt, reduced staff, sold the property and came to bankruptcy. Over the plant did not show up in statistical reports “Ukravtoproma” and “Auto-consulting”, although in 2013, the owner of the FFA promised to provide a whole range of “Bus of the Future”, but beyond words it is not gone.

According to the information on the site “City Transport Group”, which owns the plant LAZ production also conducted in Dnipridzerzhinsk in Zaporozhye. However, there is no news is received, and the last update of the site appeared in the beginning of last year and it is connected with the sale of buses 2013 release. What LAZ collapses - not news. Lviv Regional State Administration tried to achieve the nationalization of the plant for several years. There’s long been said that the company artificially brought to bankruptcy, so it should be returned to state ownership. But now the sense to do it anymore. LAZ premises put up for sale at auction of seized property, which will be held April 15 to April 11 if received applications from interested persons. For the former shop LAZ a total area of ​​19,821 m² want to get 29,742,150 hryvnia. By the way, insider information on the eyes empty factory premises put the Polish investor who wants to do there sorting plant for packaging of blueberries, mushrooms and blackberries.

8 April 2015

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