Ukraine refused to join the EU

Refusal to join the EU was routine. On Wednesday - the day allotted to the Ukrainian parliament and the opposition of its bills, the vote was put the draft resolution number 6119 on the application for membership in the European Union “, proposed by a member of the faction” Our Ukraine “leader of the Party of the European Katerinchuk. As a result of membership in a united Europe was made only 61 MP from more than 300 registered in the hall. Others simply did not vote. For example, almost did not find allies in the European integration the Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko, known for its appeals to reason and without provocation to the European community. Her faction, once again offended by the parliamentary majority and left the session hall and missed the fun. So the attempt to make a step towards Brussels has not taken place. While the opposition to help fulfill the dream of a European future, even tried some of the “Regionals” - 26 “yes” votes in the general treasury.

In the draft document contained a reference to the head of state with an urgent request to initiate the filing of an application for EU membership after the approval process with the leadership of the Union. From the speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn authors of the project required to recognize the urgency that is dealt with in the shortest possible time, all the bills needed to “accelerate” the negotiation process, walking around a free trade zone with the EU and the preparation of an Association Agreement with the EU.

By and large unexpected failure of the application did not. All the talk about European integration, and they began almost immediately after independence, are in Ukraine, a much more declarative than practical. Because fulfill strict EU requirements for the countries ‘entrants’ previous rulers of Ukraine did not hurry. Therefore, in Brussels for its part has never concealed skepticism about the statements and plans of the official Kyiv.

Another thing is that with the coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych Europeans have expressed concern about the warmer Russian-Ukrainian

9 October 2010

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