“Last warning” from Google

The popular Google search engine many times been accused of censorship. Sometimes it seems that the owners of the search engine money is more important than reputation. They say that they named their site after the number “googol” (a unit with a hundred zeros) because of the monstrous ambition greed. But can it become a “guglionerami” through censorship, deceit and unscrupulous manipulation?

Rudy pass from the Communist Party of China to the Chinese market in Google for a long time to clean up from the search results in the Chinese language “inconvenient” for the Communists sites. For example, were censored any mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre and the reprisals against supporters of the Falun Gong.

In Ukraine, too, there were no scandals. Three years ago, in Google cleaned on the child server Blogger.com blogs all the critical notes about vodka Khortytsya. The Ukrainian representative Dmitry Google Sholomko massacre of the defenders of the rights of consumers described as: “We, along with Khortytsya resolve all issues in a very professional style, and more to this problem does not exist.” We can only guess how much cost vodochnikam “solution” to such problems … moreover, in a very professional style, “that is on VIP-Pryce!

“Talking about censorship, I do not think that in Ukraine this question will ever be seriously” - cynically assured the Chief Ukrainian “guglioner. However, he disagrees with the editor of the opposition online publications Sprotiv.org Vadim Gladchuk, the victim of censorship in the ad service Google AdWords.

According to Vadim Gladchuka, all the expensive advertising campaign site Sprotiv.org were abruptly halted the administration of Google. In response to a complaint from the customer service said that “Google reserves the right to terminate advertisements for any reason.” Most interestingly, the day after you turn off advertising programs from Google received a letter from … “Last warning“!

31 August 2010

Merkel has agreed to repair the pipelines in Ukraine
In Berlin, Yanukovych mixed Italy and Ireland

• Do deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appeared unusual definition - "the box fucked ... e" »»»
In the Google search engine came another artifact associated with Ukrainian politics.
• According to Google the Ukrainian users are interested in how to kill Yanukovych »»»
When you enter in search engines Google the phrase “Yak drive in the dialog box prompted” yak drive a Chupacabra, “and” yak drive Yanukovych.
• "Yandex" has launched the first 3D-advertising in Ukraine »»»
“Yandex” has launched the first infomercial in 3D in movie theaters in the Ukraine.
• "SMIRNOW Group", Kiev _gruppa companies established in 2009 »»»
• Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel are charged with conspiracy »»»
Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel and several large IT-companies are accused of conspiracy: according to the Anti-Monopoly Committee.