In Ukraine, they began to trade international humanitarian aid (in the commercial network were the products that are included in the package of humanitarian and not intended for trading)

Humanitarian aid coming to Ukraine from many countries, is not used for its intended purpose. As reported on Thursday, the agency Ukrinform, in western Ukraine recorded case of a sale in the ordinary urban store products that are included in the package of humanitarian and not intended for trade.

“In Novoyavorivsk Lviv region in the grocery store selling pasta, which are humanitarian aid in Poland. On the packaging there is a bar code, and it is written that the product is not (intended) for sale,” - said in a statement.

As a product of international humanitarian aid package came in a trading network, to be seen law enforcement agencies.
Humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians

Sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine are involved in both individual countries and international organizations and Ukrainian communities abroad. It is also widespread in the country received the volunteer movement.

Often, however, humanitarian aid does not reach the most needy population in the east of the country, because Ukrainian law enforcers blocked.

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry these days is preparing another 29 th in a row humanitarian convoy in Donbass. The structure of the column enters food, baby food, medicines. “Separately, direct supply of hygiene products, disinfectants,” - said Tufts.

The minister also said that the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will continue to work on transport aircraft from Rostov-on-Don in the leading clinics of seriously ill children from the Donbass. “The clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg has already delivered several dozen children. And we plan to continue this work,” - said the Minister.

4 June 2015

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