Ukraine “Dodavah” Russia - Moscow agreed to pay more for landfill NITKA

Moscow under pressure from Kiev agreed to increase the rent for the use of ground thread in the Crimea, where pilots are trained with the only remaining part of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

About this newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraine”, citing a source in the government of the Crimean autonomy.

“Back in April 2011 during a meeting in the Crimea, the Russian and Ukrainian heads of military departments of the then Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel said the trainer interested in India and China. After that, Mr. Serdyukov said Russia is ready to increase the fee for the use of complex” - says the publication .

According to the companion publication, the new treaty could take place any time soon.

Current rent NITKA is 700 thousand dollars a year. Russia provided the calculations barter - supply parts to the aircraft. Now, according to analysts surveyed by the newspaper, Kiev is seeking to increase fees up to $ 2 million, and “live” money.

20 March 2012

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