Ukraine is waiting for a global reform of perinatal services

To solve the problem of maternal mortality and mortality of infants, in addition to those already approved by the steps of reforming the perinatal services in Ukraine will be a network of modern perinatal centers

22 November 2010

Maidan-2? Protesters blocked the entrepreneurs center of Kiev to protest against the new Tax Code
Rally at Independence Square in Kiev continues even at night, despite the injunction. Protesters are gathering signatures for the impeachment of Mr. Yanukovych and Verkhovna Rada dissolution

• Belarus will become the Ukraine network of petrol stations - the Council of Ministers »»»
Belarus has decided to increase its sales volumes of petroleum products in Ukraine, including through the acquisition of a neighboring country network of filling stations.
• Victory Day on the streets of Ukrainian cities, along with state flags will be displayed red Soviet flags »»»
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych vowed to sign already approved by the Rada a bill requiring posting of the Victory Day together with the state flags of red flags.
• SBU recruit former members of Russia's fleet »»»
Security Service of Ukraine is recruiting former civil specialists of the Black Sea fleet, reduced in the course of military reform.
• Poroshenko and Biden agreed to coordinate actions »»»
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vice President Joseph Biden during a more than 4-hour meeting in Davos agreed to coordinate action for a ceasefire in the Donbass.
• The new law approved by the checkup »»»
Today, the Federation Council finally approved a new law on the checkup.