Brothers boxers from Makeyevka beaten to death two of the Deaf

27 year old guy from western Ukraine granted in Makeyevka your test, too, people with hearing disabilities. In the evening a large family banquet table covered in honor of the guest. But before going to bed with father-in-law went to a nearby convenience stores for cigarettes. There’s the trouble happened.

Among them was approached by two guys pumped - as it later turned out they were brothers boksery.Gluhonemye attracted the attention of unusual gestures: boxers for some reason thought that they … tease!

“Showdown” followers immediately. “We know each dog here, but who are you?” - Trailer brothers to the deaf. They tried to explain with gestures that do not. It is utterly angry fighters, and they let his fists.

24 September 2010

Over the destroyed fourth block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant begin to build a new sarcophagus
Rastrel workers in the focus (video) - Tax in Ukraine today

• On the Independence of the United States mercenaries fighting »»»
February 18, during the storming of the Maidan was detained one of the mercenaries USA, a member of IPA (International Police Association).
• In Ukraine, the students suggested that the New Year discounts on beer and cigarettes »»»
In Simferopol, the owner opened the store came up with
• A resident of Kramatorsk kidnapped in a supermarket magazine "Playboy" and hand cream »»»
Unusual theft could have occurred in Kramatorsk on Sunday, August 14, the store “Brusnitsya.
• Ukrainian minister said that he was fined in Poland for the flag of UPA »»»
Ukrainian priest Andrei Budzak said that the Polish border guard named UPA flag in his car, "the banner of Polish bandits and murderers" and fined because of the black-and-red flag.
• Elections in Ukraine: The fate of the Georgian assault »»»
The last days of presidential campaign in Ukraine, which experts called before lethargic and not enough active.