In Ukraine, started the next stage of the exercise Fearless Guardian. Instructors from the US teach Ukrainian army

In Ukraine, November 24, started the next stage of the exercise Fearless Guardian (”Fearless guard“). The peculiarity of it is that if previously only American instructors trained units of the National Guard, now in their field of vision is the whole Ukrainian army. In the new phase of training will be six battalions, including five mechanized and one spetsnaz.

Training is carried out, in particular, members of the 173rd airmobile brigade of the army of the United States. Total Ukraine National Guard trained about 300 specialists from this team of instructors. According to one of the American coaches, Sergeant Adriana Diaz-Brown, training focused on improving cooperation at the level of battalion and below. Soldiers are taught to “adjust and improve mortar fire tactics.” (Recall that the majority of civilians and several Russian journalists killed it during mortar attacks). In addition to the US military instructors sent to Poland to Ukraine, Canada and the UK.

At the close of the previous phase of the exercise (the Americans call this process “rotation”), Deputy Secretary of Defense for International Relations Elissa Slotkin he said: “Many participants in the exercises with the Ukrainian side passed through the crucible of the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass, and were on the front lines of the fight against Russian aggression”.

And earlier illusions, against whom the American experts at preparing Ukrainian army did not have, but now it’s uttered one of the high officials of the United States with complete clarity. According to Russian military experts, as soon as possible a large-scale offensive forces in the Ukrainian Donbass. Against the backdrop of the military action in Syria, the news of clashes with unrecognized People’s Republic and the new wave of attacks on peaceful cities of New Russia are likely to seem not so visible to the world community that in the past a blind eye to the excesses of Ukrainian battalions of the National Guard under and “Right Sector” …

25 November 2015

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