Ukraine is ready to take responsibility for the fate of European civilization

You see this man? It is the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Valentin Didych XXV speaks at an economic forum in Poland. The picture was taken at a time when Mr. Didych said (in Russian): “Ukraine is ready to take responsibility for the fate of European civilization“. I almost fell off the chair!

Ban Didych did not stop there. Here is what he has said:
- Ukraine - Tse European civilized state;
- Putin’s regime attacked us, we ̶a̶b̶o̶r̶t̶a̶ the victim of aggression by the Russian militarist forces;
- We defend not only himself but the entire world civilization;
- When Yanukovych Ukraine KAMAZ exported dollars, we ask Europe to find them;
- We understand the global responsibility of Ukraine for the new world order;
- Ukraine decisively, courageously and uncompromisingly fight against corruption, which she inherited from Yanukovych, this evil will soon be completely eradicated;
- All Ukraine rallied around the president as one Poroshenko, which is associated with the best hopes of the nation.

Here’s a giant Ukrainian geopolitical thought. It only remains to add that in the Verkhovna Rada Valentin Didych headed agricultural subcommittee.

11 September 2015

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