Ukrainian minister said that he was fined in Poland for the flag of UPA

Ukrainian priest Andrei Budzak said that the Polish border guard named UPA flag in his car, “the banner of Polish bandits and murderers” and fined because of the black-and-red flag. He said this in his Facebook.

Despite the fact that the fine was issued for driving without seat belts fastened, Budzak sure that the real reason is still a nationalist flag. The priest tried to explain to the border guard that under this flag “in the east of Ukraine are fighting for our freedom and yours”, but such arguments did not find understanding.

“Today happened to me is an adventure. Reaching the Polish border Medica, screaming and claims that I’m moving on customs territory without the inclusion of headlights and fastened seat belt, the border guard ran up to me. When I drew his attention to the fact that all other Cars, too, so going, he replied that it is not negotiable, and drew attention to the fact that the car on the windshield, next to the national flag of Ukraine hanging red and black flag, calling this flag is the banner of “Bandera bandit and murderer of Poles.” I he tried to explain that this is my tribute to the soldiers who have died and are fighting under this flag in eastern Ukraine, and for my freedom. As a result, he was fined me 100 zlotys for driving without seat belts. I was in a hurry, so was not able to to continue this debate with us. After reading a short lecture on the history, I paid a fine and went, “- wrote the priest.

17 June 2015

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