In the city of Cherkassy, Ukraine in connection with the high gas prices eternal flame was replaced by LED-screen. Works continuously, cheaper

I live in a small regional center of Ukraine - Cherkasy. Quiet City, with its problems, but the post is not about that. In Cherkassy is dostroprimechatelnost such as Hill of Glory with a huge statue of Mother Russia, which holds one hand "eternal fire." This monument was erected in honor of fallen Soviet soldiers during the Second World War. But it will be a topic for it to go on fire.

The eternal flame has worked with natural gas, with current prices flew in quite a large sum from the city budget. Last 2 years fire generally include only on holidays, and even then not always, but because the city authorities have decided to remedy this situation by using modern technology.

26 October 2009 | center, cherkasy, city, fire, gas, hand, issue, post, price

BSF will evolve into two "front". Russia is not going to cut, and vice versa - is planning to develop the Black Sea Fleet.
Buried son callback mother a few hours after the end of the cemetery ceremony

• Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused Russia of distorting the historical truth »»»
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Saturday harshly reacted to the comment of the Information Department of Foreign Affairs of Russia concerning the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers in Komarno in Western Ukraine and the erection of a memorial in honor of the OUN-UPA fighters in Lviv.
• Monument to Soviet soldiers demolished in Ukraine »»»
In the center of Komarno Lviv region demolished a monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of the western Ukrainian town.
• In the Lviv region dug up the grave of Soviet soldiers. The remains lie in the open air, tombstones smashed »»»
The city of Komarno (Gorodotskiy district of Lviv region of Ukraine) decided to move the grave of Soviet soldiers and a monument to soldiers from the park to the cemetery, said “ZIK”.
• In Kiev dekommuniziruyut "Motherland" »»»
From the rank of full dekommunizirovannogo Ukrainian capital city is separated by only five monuments of the Soviet era.
• Yushchenko calls to find the culprits in the destruction of the graves of Soviet soldiers »»»
President Viktor Yushchenko demands from prosecutors for prompt and adequate response to the events surrounding the reburial of Soviet soldiers in the town of Komarno Lviv region.