Danish MPs need not hold the FIFA World Championship in Minsk

Several members of the Parliament of Denmark appealed to the International Ice Hockey Federation to reconsider the decision to hold the championship in Belarus.
Author: ERB 25/07/2011 9:55
About this site UCP said Jonathan Nelson, a consultant to the committee on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament of Denmark.
This initiative is linked to the political situation in Belarus and the persecution of government opponents. Danish MPs insist on the release of all political prisoners and the complete rehabilitation of defendants’ business December 19. “

25 July 2011

“Silent rally in Belarus” July 27, will meet in the market?
In the United States sold the stick, similar to Lukashenko

• MPs are delighted to offer to work for free »»»
Vice-Speaker of Parliament from the opposition, Mykola Tomenko suggested that the Ukrainian MPs to work for free.
• Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law on benefits for children of Bandera, exiled to Siberia »»»
Parliament today passed a bill that would expand the list of persons, victims of political repression, which provided benefits.
• American political consultants develop strategies of the presidential campaign of Vitali Klitschko »»»
Political analyst Kost Bondarenko said that a strategy for participation
• Ukrainian Rada will work until the election of a new parliament »»»
August 25 President dissolved the parliament and called early parliamentary elections for 26 October.
• Animals at night the streets (Ukrainians need to restore the death penalty) »»»
Pathetic babble rustled latest post director of media department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin - they say.