Ukrainian Defense Ministry sells appliances through a Web

Ukrainian Defense Ministry offers a choice of combat helicopters, combined with the plant or are assigned to military units.

At one of the websites offered to all interested to purchase helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-171.

At the request of the client machine can be delivered in a “light version” or in full combat configuration.

- These helicopters delivers us the Ministry of Defence - said Maj. Andrew Kotsyuruba, who signed the act of checking the technical condition of the helicopter. - They really put up for sale. We inspect them, make up acts of technical specifications.

Depending on the price the buyer gets as already fairly served as a helicopter and a brand new 2011 release directly from the manufacturer.

Price machinery ranging from 12 to 350 million rubles. Military vehicles offer the military modifications - Mi-17-1B. Moreover, inside the firm by the client may be to upgrade the machine.

- Yes, our machine straight from the Kazan Helicopter Plant - explains the mediator. - Quite a new helicopter - with zero flying hours. It still stands on a pallet, pack. We can deliver on a cargo plane in any region, even abroad. But, naturally, at your expense. Just need to clarify the nuances in-person meeting in Moscow. Subject something very meticulous. And then sit at the round table agreed.

The machine can be upgraded, equip weapons, according to the customer.

- Yes, we can conduct on-site of modification changes, - the representative of the company proxy. - You write me a letter, it indicates the type of helicopter, modification and completion of what you want it to install. That is a constituent of the offer. For teams of parachutists, for which a military affairs. If the military - that the helicopter will be mailed, with everything you need. Any modification of the plant model, we control specialist.

Those who can not afford a new car stuffed with weapons, through another broker who served can buy a helicopter.

They cost considerably less - about 12 million rubles. For example, documents one of the Mi-8 is assigned to the military unit A-1231, located in the village Gavrishovka Vinnitsa region.

5 May 2011

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