In Ukraine, will present the most comprehensive report on the impact on Europe of the Chernobyl radiation

The world celebrates 25 th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, whose effects on human health and the environment is not in the spirit of “perestroika” and “new thinking” as soon as in 1986, classify Politburo.

For this the Soviet Union and its leadership has been subjected to harsh criticism from Western democracies. However, it appears decades later, the leaders of many countries “advanced” democracy, not far removed from the politburo gerontocrats: the impact of Chernobyl radiation on the health of people in the West and their surrounding flora and fauna for many years, they also preferred especially not be distributed. Something similar is happening now, and with the authorities of Japan - nuclear physicists around the world complain about the lack of information about the situation with reactors at nuclear power plants, “Fukushima”.

For the first time officially and publicly that the background radiation after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been upgraded not only in the USSR but also in Western European countries, under pressure from deputies of the USSR at the parliamentary hearings in 1989, told the head of the State Committee for Hydrometeorology of the USSR Yuri Izrael: Pollution passed through Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, England, in Southern Germany. In these countries, the pollution levels were more than one curie per square kilometer. But only slightly - 1,2-1,5 Ci … In this map, which I received not only from its meteorologists, but also from overseas, shows a very strong border at the northern Italy at this time went on, in Bavaria. And where were the rains, there were deposited (radionuclides - AY), again mainly cesium.

The committee on ecology of the USSR Armed Forces Yuri Izrael deputies presented a little book, which was fixed after the accident, the wind direction. On it can be traced not only by day but by the hour, which left a radioactive cloud. “Look - Israel has demonstrated - here is clearly indicated. 26 numbers (hereinafter - April 1986 - AJ Rosbalt), three hours, and 26 - in fifteen hours, a 27 - to three. Is already captured part of the coast of the Baltic states in our territory. No 27, at night, the cloud was already here, Copenhagen. That’s what happened at three o’clock in the morning on April 26. It turned out that only one day a radioactive “smoke” reached the coast of Denmark.

25 April 2011

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