Vitaly Churkin: London and Washington guilty of unleashing the crisis in Ukraine “cover up” will not succeed. Speech at the meeting of the UN Security Council in Ukraine


Statement by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin at a UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine

Mr. President,

First of all I would like to warmly welcome our former colleagues Ertuğrul Apakan and Martin Saydika. You now find themselves in a very difficult area of ​​diplomatic work, we thank you for your activity. Of course, we would like to thank Assistant Secretary-General, Mr. Zerihoun for his briefing.

Two and a half years in Ukraine is continuing severe crisis triggered by the coup d’état, with the active external support. American and British permanent representatives today surprisingly tried to count the beginning of the crisis to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. No need to juggle. The fault for starting the crisis, you will still not be able to “cover up”. And Crimea now - a peninsula of stability in comparison with the Donbas, and the whole Ukraine.

Mr. President,

Throughout the Ukrainian crisis, the UN Security Council, unfortunately, has been used as a propaganda platform. The only, but very significant achievement within these walls was the adoption of resolution 2202, approved the “package of measures”, dated 12 February last year. By adopting this resolution, the Council took on the political responsibility for the implementation of the “Set-up”. It is on this and we need to focus.

Some western colleagues in conversations with us recognize that the “package of measures” is not satisfied Kiev. At the same time they say that President Poroshenko personally agreed this document in Minsk, it does not have sufficient political support to implement its provisions.

We do not accept such an explanation. And what, then, the current Ukrainian leaders eager for power, carried out a coup d’etat, if not able to lead the country?

We will closely watch how to behave in the new government of Ukraine. Known for his bellicose statements Yatsenyuk resigned as prime minister. We have heard that there are serious contradictions that the latter is configured to carry out reforms between the President and the new Prime Minister. But it seems clear that the success of no reform can not be considered if the bloody conflict will not be resolved if the Ukrainian society is not “srastetsya” together, not yielding to reject hatred ideology of extreme nationalism.

In this context, we note with interest of the Ukrainian delegation accepted the proposal to hold this meeting of the Security Council. The more that President Poroshenko announced that it was his personal initiative. Important to know: that now, under the new configuration of power, Kiev says its intentions in respect of implementation of the Minsk agreements?

Especially that before nominating the initiative Kiev authorities, as usual, consulted with Washington. In Kiev visited US Assistant Secretary of State. Our American partners in bilateral contacts tell us that would like to make a constructive contribution to resolving the crisis in Ukraine and even to connect to the “Norman format”. However, in practice, as we have repeatedly convinced, their interaction with Kiev has the opposite effect, leading to a radicalization of the positions of the Ukrainian authorities and the growth of militant rhetoric. It happened again. Such a policy of “double bottom” Washington is undermining the credibility of their actions, and not only in Ukraine but also in many other cases, it is known all over the world.

Today’s speech the US representative is another specimen of this policy.

Today’s presentation of the Ukrainian delegation is deeply disappointing. Many calling rhetoric and distortion of the facts and the specific plans for the implementation of the Minsk agreements - no.

Mr. President,

The challenges facing the implementation of the Minsk Kiev in “Set-up” is extremely clear. Of key importance is a “political triad”. First - vnesenieizmeneny the Constitution of Ukraine and adoption of the permanent law on the special status of Donbass. The second - the adoption of the law on elections to the Donetsk and Lugansk in consultation with their representatives. The third - a decision on the issue of amnesty in connection with the events that occurred in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. None of these issues are not resolved. Kiev still refuses direct dialogue with representatives of Donbass, matching his steps with them, as prescribed by the Minsk Agreement.

In Kiev, are fond of saying that it does not comply with Russian “package of measures”. But how can we take all these laws instead of the Verkhovna Rada, or enter into force, instead of the President of Ukraine? It is obvious that we are talking only about how to shift their problems “with the blame on others.”

Mr. President,

From Kiev, we constantly hear that the major obstacle to the promotion of the fundamental questions of the settlement is the instability of the ceasefire. However, if you think logically and carefully compare the facts of the reports of the Special OSCE monitoring mission, it becomes clear in whose interests the permanent display of the situation on the contact line. It is no coincidence that the Ukrainian authorities repeatedly come new ideas about the deployment there of UN peacekeeping forces, the police with heavy weapons. It’s very convenient, first deliberately escalate tension, and then offer no relation to reality solutions. The sole purpose here - to tighten the time and divert attention from the failure of the Minsk agreements.

We are concerned by the worsening situation in the conflict zone in the Donbass. Furnishings start “warming up” in December last year, especially after the Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun to occupy towns neutral zone, and in some cases even go beyond the arrangements fixed in Minsk contact line. We regard these actions as extremely dangerous and provocative. Ukrainian troops from these settlements should be withdrawn. Such estimates are confirmed by the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE. It is noteworthy that on 17 April a representative of the APU in a conversation with the OSCE observers did not conceal Kiev’s intention to seize new territories in the south-east.

The number of ceasefire violations has recently become comparable with the period of the “hot phase” of the summer
2015. On some days it is fixed to 4 thousand such violations. OSCE Statistics relentlessly shows “preponderance” in this issue of the Ukrainian side. From 4 to 21 April SMM recorded a threefold increase in Ukrainian heavy machinery in the “security zone”. The latest report SMM notes that only nine per cent of the declared weapons left on the Ukrainian stock. Most of the “missing” weapons there at the forefront.

APU again used heavy weapons against the cities of Donbass, resulting in destroyed houses, there are victims among civilians. Yesterday the Ukrainian security forces from 120-millimeter guns was fired at a checkpoint in Elenovka. Killed four civilians, including a pregnant woman.

English colleague said that he does not care who fired. And we do not care.

Today the OSCE Permanent Council discussed concrete measures to improve the security situation. It is necessary to ensure the continued presence of OSCE observers at the checkpoint and get relief Kiev severe restrictions on freedom of movement through them; constantly monitor the arms depots, if it is necessary to place on them, as well as on the most dangerous sections of video cameras; to provide a “mirror” patrols not only throughout the territory of Donbass, but the rears of the Ukrainian army. It is also important to redouble efforts to establish local ceasefires and actively involve the Joint Center for coordination and control, connect to joint patrols of the representatives of the Center for the militia, to establish direct contacts between departments. All this can significantly reduce the number of incidents.

However, it is obvious - and it shows many regional crises throughout the world - to keep the ceasefire regime without solving political issues is impossible.

Instead of promoting much needed for the implementation of the Minsk agreement of national reconciliation in Ukraine continue to “witch-hunt” and military preparations. The new prime minister, instead of reforms, noting the decision on the establishment of the Ministry for the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” and “the occupied territories”. Donetsk and Lugansk representatives still called separatists, despite the fact that the signing of Minsk “package of measures”, they stated their readiness in principle to continue to live in the Ukrainian state. There remains the economic blockade of Donbass.

All dissidents are ranked as terrorists and separatists, and pursued in all possible ways. The norm for the security forces of Kiev began to torture, mistreatment of people, abductions, arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial executions. This was a lot said in the OHCHR report on Ukraine. However, Western human rights guardians prefer not to talk about. But American and British permanent representatives today again tried to slander our convoys in the Donbass. From the outset, we have been urging the Ukrainian authorities to organize their inspection at the border. Kiev from this refused, without giving to conduct such inspections, and international structures. The ability to earn cheap propaganda points was more important than the welfare of the people of Ukraine.

Today, it is impossible not to recall the tragic approaching the date: two years ago, May 2, 2014 48 people in Odessa were burned alive, more than 200 were injured and wounded. Until now, those responsible for the terrible loss of life and have not been punished. The International Advisory Group on Ukraine, the Council of Europe investigation into the events Ukrainian authorities in Odessa do not comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as well as the criteria of independence, effectiveness, thoroughness and reasonable terms.

We call on the Security Council not to lose sight of this tragic story. It is important to establish the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

In this context, only a feeling of disgust may cause the recent appointment of the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of the odious figure, the so-called Maidan commandant, who, according to numerous testimonies, been involved as a provocative firing of snipers in Kiev during the coup, and the tragedy in Odessa. Not surprisingly, only taking this post, he immediately asked the Parliament to withdraw the item on the special status of Donbass of the bill to amend the country’s constitution.

Held recently at a meeting with him in Washington a senior emissary again reminds us about the mechanism of the bloody events.

Mr. President,

In conclusion I would like to emphasize once again that the most important for today task is to implement the “Complex measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.” It is rigorous, consistent and full implementation of the provisions of this document is the only way to resolve the conflict in the Donbass, and solve all related problems.

Mr. President,

I conclude the main part of his speech, but with your permission I would like to make two brief comments.

First. As you know, the theme of the Crimea in the Security Council, we do not discuss, because it is an internal affair of Russia. But here especially trying to pedal a story. I will comment on it.

Indeed, public association “Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people” has been banned in Russia for extremist activity. Some countries have paid insufficient attention to the fight against extremism. We see to what grave consequences it led to. We will not repeat this mistake.

The reality is that in recent years, a new wave of migration to the territory of Russia, the Crimea, the representatives of this nationality. It was decided to consider more than a thousand applications from Uzbekistan alone, 940 of which are satisfied.

The bake about the fate of the Crimean Tatars, Kiev would have to take care of the inhabitants of Donbass, where they themselves, their homes, schools and hospitals are exposed to attacks from large-caliber weapons and tanks. Peaceful people are in an economic blockade and deprived of social benefits and pensions. Kiev every day casts doubt on their right to life and health.

We also note that in recent years in Ukraine banned the Communist Party and some other parties, oppressed many social movements and the media. Common practice seizures and the destruction of Orthodox churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. In the Verkhovna Rada a bill is actually designed to ban the activities of the Church in Ukraine, and there are almost 12 thousand parishes. This is roughly the same as to prohibit in any country to Catholicism because they do not like the fact of the Holy See in Rome.

Thus, Ukrainian colleagues and other selective human rights, it is not necessary to read our morals.

And one more comment.

Mr. Saydik in his speech said something that seemed to me a little strange - that demands an answer the question of the restoration of Kyiv control over the border. The answer to this question is formulated in two paragraphs “Set-up”, 9 and 11 points. They painted a very clear when elections are held, and then begins monitoring the return. When the constitution is accepted, the control is completed return. And even in a note written by 8 points, which should be in the constitution regarding the special status of Donbass. So it is necessary in accordance with these provisions, to work, to make laws - in consultation with the residents of the East, as recorded in the “package of measures”. And the Ukrainian authorities do not want, thereby delaying recovery of its sovereignty and control over the entire territory of Ukraine. This is unfortunate.

Thank you, Mr. President.

29 April 2016

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