Union: the miners in Lviv want to block border crossing with Poland

Striking miners in the Lviv region on January 12 decided to close the border crossing with Poland, said on Monday the TV channel “112 UkraineChairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

Volynets previously reported that the Ukrainian miners mine “Lvovugol” started a spontaneous strike over wage arrears. Prior to that job in protest and stop the miners and mine “Lviv Coal Company”, which the state owes more than 840 thousand dollars.

“There is no confidence among miners that in January it (salaries) will be paid, as well as in February. Yesterday, a meeting of the local organization of independent workers in Ukraine. Also, another union intensified. It was decided to hold a meeting of all the other mines in the region, namely in Lviv region, which should be defined, will take a strike or not, “- said Wolyniec.
According to him, the miners decided to block the border crossing with Poland, in order to attract public attention to the issue.

“We have already decided on January 12 to block border crossing with Poland in order to attract the attention of not only the central government to the mess, which was formed in the fuel and energy complex, and inaction the Minister (of Energy Vladimir) Demchishin with his team, and in order to attract the attention of the entire international community, “- said the chairman of the union.

In December, the miners rallied at the parliament, the Cabinet and the Ministry of Energy in Kiev. Energy Minister of Ukraine said that the miners will be paid about 12.7 million in repayment of wage arrears. According to the minister, the debts of the patch miners in the order of 27.6 million dollars.

4 January 2016

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