Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk: “Putin can outwit any politician in the West”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in an interview with Focus, that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not given up on the idea of ​​capturing Ukraine - a military operation in Syria is only a part of its strategy to divert attention of the West.

The current ceasefire in the east of the country, according to Yatsenyuk, is a “very dangerous lull”: “A couple of days ago, died there two Ukrainian soldiers.” “Putin has not forgotten about its main goal - namely, to seize the Ukraine and to create there a zone of influence. He wants to divide the world, to carry out the new boundary line after the Second World War,” - said the prime minister.

According to Yatsenyuk, Western politicians who believe that the current Russian leader exclusively occupied by Syria, a “blind and deaf”. “Syria - is only part of Putin’s strategy of diverting the attention of the Western world from the events in Ukraine, and his return to the world stage - said Yatsenyuk. - (?) Putin - a very shrewd politician, he is able to outwit any politician in the West because Western politicians play according to the rules, and Putin is playing to the rules. ”

If the West decides to lift the sanctions against Russia, in the words of the head of the Ukrainian government, it would be “a disaster for the free world.” “The sanctions should remain in force until the full implementation of the agreements Minsk,” - he says.

Yatsenyuk also spoke out against the construction of the pipeline “Nord Stream-2″ and called on the German economy to invest in Ukraine. “I see a huge market for German companies in the energy sector. I have repeatedly called on German industry to invest in our gas transmission system. The American and European companies can get it up to 49% of the shares - continued the Prime Minister. - The additional pipelines such as” Nord Stream ” there’s no point. Thus, Germany will only prolong their dependence on Russia, and we will annually save $ 2 billion to transit. ” The total capacity of Ukrainian networks, according to Yatsenyuk, is 140 billion cubic meters, and that “more than sufficient for Europe.”

In conclusion Yatsenyuk urged the leadership of the European countries to provide assistance to Ukraine, including sending to experts in various fields. “Create normal conditions of life without proper help from the West - a hard task. So your (European. - Ed.) Specialists to support us in teaching, health care and public administration, - said Yatsenyuk. - The Americans and Canadians, for example, have already sent to us instructors who teach the police. I also beg and Europeans: send us your pictures! (…) We need people with practical experience. We can not appoint a minister or deputy minister of the German if he does not accept Ukrainian citizenship but we can create something like a government advisory adviser Prime Minister, ministers and deputy. “

3 November 2015

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