In the city center, two thousand magicians call on the world to Ukraine

More than two thousand people who call themselves magicians, psychics and healers are going to hold on April 30 in the center of Kiev joint ritual for peace and harmony in Ukraine. This was announced on Tuesday, April 28 site Ukrainian newspaper “Vesti”.

Calls to gather for Ukrainian rite under the walls of St. Michael’s Cathedral actively distributed in social networks.

“On the Square will be held collective appeal to a higher power (…) We will ask to make sure that everyone woke up from the bloody seizure of anger and hatred, and ask to save all who are in this insane slaughter. The second rite - charging for charms soldiers and residents of the zone ATO that will protect people from bullets and shrapnel, a knife and a blunt weapon, “- said Sergey Grichishkin coordinator of the action, calling himself” the magician Sabirius. ”

According to him, all the participants have paranormal abilities, but for “the basic operators of prayer - 13 Masters of the primary circle,” he is ready to charge.

Grichishkin explained the timing of the special astrological ritual activity. Michael’s Square, which is located between the two cathedrals - St. Sophia and St. Michael - like the organizers, in particular, because it is a “spiritual center and heart of Kiev and all Ukraine.”

28 April 2015

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