Former US ambassador to Kiev called the fight against corruption and the show window dressing

US Ambassador to Ukraine (2003-2006 gg.) John Herbst called public arrests of Ukrainian officials “window dressing.”

He said this in an interview “Inter“. “This is in a sense a show, just a show. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we can not say that it was good,” - said Herbst.

At the same time, he added that such things happen in the United States. “When prosecutors learn that a rich businessman did something bad, they are photographed with him and dress him in handcuffs, when in fact it is not necessary,” - said Herbst.

He noted that it is important to stop corruption. “We have not seen any real steps against corruption. You need real action, not the show” - he added.

As reported of, March 25 at the meeting of the Cabinet were detained head GosChS Bochkovsky Sergey and his first deputy Vasily Stoetsky on suspicion of organizing schemes fuel purchases from private companies at inflated prices. When transferring funds through offshore companies some of them “settled” in the personal accounts and Bochkovsky Stoetskogo.

After the detention of the Cabinet dismissed Bochkovsky, Stoetskogo and regional heads of departments GosChS.

6 April 2015

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