Kiev threatens not to let Moscow in the WTO (One of the main requirements for Russia - reducing the price of gas)

Ukraine may, at the last moment to withdraw its consent to Russia’s accession to the WTO. On Friday said, speaking in Parliament, the First Vice-Premier, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Andrei Klyuyev. Parliamentary opposition was registered a draft resolution with a list of demands to Russia, the main of which - reducing the price of gas and provision of free access of Ukrainian goods to the Russian market.

Klyuyev said about the obstacles that could create for Russia, Ukraine to join the WTO, responding to questions about the ongoing gas negotiations today. He acknowledged that if in the near future gas contracts will not be reviewed, starting already from January 1, 2012 gas price for Ukraine will rise - the light hundred dollar discount - up to 456 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters. m. ..

7 November 2011

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• Ukraine should use the situation between Russia and the WTO, said Ruslan Bogdan »»»
People’s Deputy Ruslan Bogdan: “No matter how opposed the higher officials in Moscow.
• Sergei Tigipko: Ukraine may withdraw from Russia's gas. »»»
Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko believes that the harsh conditions of Russia.
• Ukraine will not be responsible to the EU for the failures of Russian gas transit »»»
Ukrainian side managed to convince the EU to its reliability in the issue of Russian gas transit to EU countries.
• Russia and Ukraine reached a truce gas »»»
In today’s Russian-Ukrainian talks in Kharkiv was the most acute problem has resolved a bilateral relationship - the notorious gas issue.
• Ukraine has made Russia to reduce gas prices to $ 220-230 »»»
Russia and Ukraine have agreed to reduce gas prices to $ 400 per 1000 cubic meters to 220-230 dollars per 1000 cubic meters of natural gas.