The campaign “Stop Oil” in Minsk. PHOTO + ONLINE

Congestion on the Nemiga and empty Independence Avenue …
Author: ERB 08/22/2011 19:33

20.20 Live European Radio for Belarus, the Director informational and educational institutions “In Car” Artem Sharkov. He presented the results of today’s action “Stop petrol.”

According to Sharkov, the action took place, because its main purpose is not overlapping the streets, and report to the authority of his position, his dissent. If one considers how much effort is exerted against the power of the shares, then we can say that they are well monitored events and know that gasoline prices worry people, says Sharkov. More …

23 August 2011

Trainer Vladimir Klitschko champion no one to fight. I’d never seen
Embassy of the United States hopes that Belarus will eliminate the uranium reserves

• Gasoline went up again, motorists Belarus Protest »»»
August 20 concern “Belneftekhim” an average of 3% increased retail prices of petroleum products.
• Outside the UN Poroshenko opponents and supporters staged a fight (a fierce battle between opponents and supporters of the Kiev authorities discourage even experienced NYPD) »»»
Political battles suddenly spilled out of the UN building on the street.
• OSCE observers did not find equipment Ukrainian security officials at one of the declared withdrawal »»»
OSCE observers found no heavy weapons Ukrainian security officials at one of the declared withdrawal.
• Belarusians have banned hugging on the streets »»»
Local young people who spent flashmob “free hug”, warned about the inadmissibility of such actions.
• Letter from the occupied Kiev »»»
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