Kherson farmer is aiming in the oil and gas barons

Chairman of farm “Concordia” (p. Prince-Grigorievka Velikolepetihskogo district, Kherson region), Alexander HAYAN asked the authorities concerned to conduct exploration work on the presence of oil and gas in the area of his farm.

This A. HAYAN said today at a press conference in UNIAN.

According to him, in his farm at a depth of 2-3 km in crystalline rocks are very large oil deposits with reserves of 700 million tons and gas deposits, as evidenced by the numerous examinations undertaken, for example, Integrated geological and analytical expedition DP Poltavaneftegazgeologiya “and” Krymgeologiya.

Certificates issued by A. HAYANU, showed: in the samples - 84,25-87,06% methane, 1,6-2,03% oxygen and, most importantly, 11,34-13,72% nitrogen, which indicates that oil.

However, he said, none of the interested state bodies are not interested.

A. HAYAN added that he had repeatedly appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Environment, Energy Ministry, Gosgeolsluzhbu and other authorities, but everywhere he refused to conduct exploration work on his site, referring to the fact that the alleged structure is increasingly explored, investigated and in their large reserves of oil anymore. Only the stocks of non-traditional locations, which had never practiced.

A. HAYAN also noted that in 1999 he received a license to conduct exploration on the territory of its economy, but because of lack of work is not carried out.

10 June 2010

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