The LC will be representatives of Greece at the time of preparation prior to the vote

The head of a public anti-fascist organization “Society of Dostoevsky” Andreas Zafaris August 31 said that will arrive in the LC at the time of preparation of the Republic prior to the public vote.

Andreas Zafaris said that the territory of the LC it will be from 15 to 20 September, but stay until the holding of the voting will not be able.

In turn, the chairman of the union of small and innovative enterprises workers LC Andrei Kochetov said that during this time Andreas Zafaris be able to make sure that the Luhansk People’s Republic for more than two years has been able to build their own state.

- There are agreements in Minsk point to hold in the territories of the LC and the DNI elections. But more than a year the Ukrainian side is strongly addictive this process and is doing everything to these elections did not take place, - said Andrey Kochetov. - It was decided to hold in our republics preliminary vote, which will allow us to identify the most influential people. I especially want to emphasize that these elections create equal conditions for all candidates. We turned out that tyranny remained in Kiev, in Ukraine, and we are building a real democratic republic, really popular.

1 September 2016

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